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Naturaful Reviews – Natural Breast Enhancement Cream Reviews

Customers saw firming, lifting & enhancement

Increased at least 1 cup size in 2 months

Customers ages 40+

Reduction in PMS symptoms


Naturaful is the BRAND NEW “science shattering” breast enhancement cream that balance hormones,


Specially formulated in the US, Naturaful’s secret phyto-estrogen formula has been featured in many media outlets such as Womens Health, CNN, and many more. Naturaful is a natural topical cream made from plants and improves the overall look of your bustline.


Unlike invasive surgical options (which can be 200x more expensive), Naturaful is safer and natural and is applied topically. Naturaful is simply encouraging the body’s natural growth process, the product is SAFE and the RESULTS are real and long term.

Naturaful breast enlargement cream results

Naturaful is a new breast cream formula on the market that has changed thousand’s of women’s lives worldwide. Operated by a company under DFLK Inc. which is a health and beauty merchant and manufacturer. I decided to give Naturaful a try to really find out the truth behind the potential miracle product or to see if it was money gone down the drain. See below for my review. I have written this Naturaful review to help others like myself who suffer from low self confidence and feel sensitive towards their breast size or lack there of. I want others like myself to feel better about themselves with proven products that actually work rather then products that claim to work but do not. It’s so hard to tell with today’s market because there are so many garbage products out there and products that promise the world and under deliver and this is how My Naturaful review started. Natural Breast Enhancement Enlargement Cream Reviews Naturaful Review MY NATURAFUL REVIEW I was so excited when I received my Naturaful jars in May. Three beautiful frosted acrylic jars wrapped with a distinguished label including ingredients and instructions. Each jar was 1.7 oz (one month’s worth) and had a plastic seal for  tamper prevention. I also received the Naturaful handbook which came with all orders. The handbook essentially offers full tips on what to supplement with Naturaful for best gains including exercises, food and others. It was surprisingly very useful and I followed the suggestions as well as applying the cream to their directions. The cream looks like exactly like hand lotion but has a nice soft therapeutic and  natural scent to it that gave me the assurance it was a high quality product I needed to grow my  small 32A breasts. I really didn’t like how the writing on the jar was very small but still did appreciate all in the information it provided on usage, application and indication. I started in the morning by taking a shower, and then I applied the cream (about a quarter size) amount to my breasts and massaged in circles probably for a good 30 seconds each to fully absorb the cream into my pores. I also used a hair dryer to really absorb and dry the product into my skin, as they suggested. I applied this twice a day morning and night. The instructions also suggest if you don’t have time for two hot showers a day to open your pores, then you can use a hot damp cloth on your chest to open your pores instead. For the first 2 weeks I felt nothing and started getting impatient and skeptical. Around the third week I started to feel a tingling sensation in both my breasts, it was a unique and very unusual feeling but I knew it was the active ingredients in Naturaful working. On the 30th day I noticed my breasts felt and look puffier, but nothing to anybody else, only to my eye. After using Naturaful religiously for 2 months I noticed my breasts seemed tender but firmer and my 32A bra was too small! My breast had actually grown and I was more then happy. I felt good about my appearance for once. On month 3, my breasts had grown just about 1.5 cup size to 34B bra size. I still continue to use Naturaful in hopes of gaining more and more growth but for now I am very satisfied to have grown 1.5 cups in 3 months. You can see from the after image that my breast is noticeably fuller and firmer. One downfall of Naturaful is that you will need to invest in new bras so this is an added expense I never thought of. Naturaful is a really effective breast cream that works.  You will not get massive growth in 1 month but to get over 1 cup size gain in 1-3 months is very realistic. I highly advise to use for at least 3 months to see the results. The product really works and is an excellent breast enlargement formula. Thanks for reading My Naturaful Review, for more details on price, etc. please see below. If you weren’t convinced before, check out this video testimonial from a customer who gained 3 inches (1 cup) in 8 weeks! It’s a noticeable difference, and women often experience gains as far as 6-9 months!

DETAILED INFORMATION Price: The best value as far as I good see when I did research before buying. I did find that Naturaful had a good market value and was not over priced, I also wanted to make sure the price wasn’t too low because I felt then it would not be of good quality. I found that when ordered in mutli-packs 1 jar cost as low as $30 USD. Seemed like a great buy. I actually ordered the 2 jar special which came with 1 jar free. So I got 3 months worth of Naturaful. Shipping: Naturaful ships from USA within 24 hours from order via USPS. It took me 5 days to receive my goods from order time. I was happy to have this product in a fast and reasonable time. Customer Service: Naturaful has a full customer support team and answered all my questions via email about the product, brand, and quality. I even asked questions about specifics like directions and storage and they were helpful in answering all I asked. They represented themselves very professionally and proficiently in their answers. Quality: Naturaful is manufactured in a GMP certified lab and apparently follows strict FDA policies so I felt confident with this brand and product. It also helps knowing that since it is manufactured and shipped in USA, the shipping times would be fast. The main ingredients used in Naturaful are Dong Quai, Mexican Wild Yams, and Blessed Thistle. I did research each ingredient and found out that they are natural phytoestrogens that help with natural breast growth and breast health. Doctors even prescribe them to help breast feeding women sometimes. Guarantee: Naturaful has a hassle free 60 day money back guarantee so I felt good knowing that if this didn’t work for me I could return it without issues. They also told me that their return rates were under 1%. I won’t be returning my Naturaful, I love it! Promotion: Naturaful is currently offering a promotion of upto 4 jars free (on selected packages) click here for more info.

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